Michael W. Dodge | Portland State Walkabout

Portland State Walkabout

November 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This morning I found myself on the campus of Portland State University and, as is my wont, took a few photos. I had barely walked on campus when I was greeted by a sign reminiscent of one of my favorite color schemes: tie-dye.


I spotted this solitary, brown pigeon scurrying to and fro. I like this photo a lot, especially for snap shooting, although I wish the pigeon was in sharper focus.


A squirrel was darting around the grass, presumably collecting acorns for winter or some other clichéd sciurine activity. Although quite shy, I was able to a shot of it between the branches.


I've tried to photograph the statue of Teddy Roosevelt before and, while still far from perfect, this is my best attempt yet.


I liked the colors and the vibe of one of the food carts so much I felt I obligated to capture it.



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