We will get the best photos when you are the most comfortable. Our goal is to capture images that reflect you at your most authentic. Be yourself and everything else will fall into place.

The most important thing about the clothes you wear for your photos is that you are comfortable in them. You will look your best when your clothes are neither too tight nor too loose. If there is any chance of precipitation, bring a coat or an umbrella to keep the water off your clothes. Avoid logos unless branding that specific logo is the goal of the photos.

Generally, solid colors or block patterns work well. Darker colors and vertical stripes give a taller appearance; lighter colors and horizontal stripes give a broader appearance; plaids give a Scottish appearance. These are just guidelines so your favorite aloha shirt or paisley skirt will work, too. With more than one person in a photo, either matching or complementary colors work best.

You can wear any shoes you want or none at all. Keep in mind, though, that getting to some locations will be easier and safer with sturdy shoes with good soles. You can always change back into the really-good-looking-but-bad-for-off-roading shoes once we get to where we’re going to shoot.

Hair frames the face and generally benefits from some attention. Hairstylists can give you magnificent hair. If you have longer or finer hair, some product can help keep it in place if a breeze kicks up. Wash your hair on your regular schedule. If you want to get it cut or trimmed for your photos, do so at least a few days in advance to allow the hair to settle. Where possible, do any shaving the night before the shoot to avoid any redness.

Cosmetics are fine and work best when subtle, more of a natural look than stage makeup. Makeup artists can make you look great while at the same time look like you’re not even trying. Just coverup or nothing at all will work, too.

Feel free to look up poses and bring your own ideas to the shoot. But if that’s not your thing I can provide all the posing direction we need. We have poses, compositions, and techniques to address any concerns you might have about how you’ll appear in the photos. At the risk of repeating myself, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and I’ll do everything in my power to ensure that you do.